Wrong name displayed in SharePoint 2007

Last week I encountered a problem where a persons displayname was not correctly displayed in welcome message, contact box and peoplepicker.  I checked the Active Directory information of the user, but everything was displayed as it should be. It seems like SharePoint is not updating the stored profiles when the useraccount is changed in Active Directory.

Wrong or changed information can occur when someone has a namechange because of marriage.

To force an update you can do the following steps:

  1. Check if the displayname in Active Directory and the user profile in SharePoint is the same (Central admin>Shared Services>user profile & properties> view user profile)
  2. If the displayname is not same than click on Start full import. This imports the displayname from Active Directory to sharepoint.
  3. Go to the top level site collection with admin privelege.
  4. Open the page http://sitecollectionurl/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=0 (all users in the site collection)
  5. Find the user, right click the name, and copy shortcut (url to the user’s profile page, in this example it ends with ID=166)
  6. Paste the shortcut into the browser address field and add &Force=True to it (http://sitecollectionurl/_layouts/userdisp.aspx?ID=166&Force=True)
  7. Hit Enter
  8. Click on “Delete User from site collection” button on the toolbar
  9. Add the same user to (any group) in the Site Collection
  10. This time it will sync New display name from SSP
  11. Remove the user from the group (it’s not needed anymore)
  12. Now the correct displayname should appear where it should (Welcome message, Contact web part, Userpicker, etc.)

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